Municipal Government

Websites, Charters, and Rhode Island General Laws.

Data Visualizations

The Division of Municipal Finance is working to increase its use of visualizations to display complex data sets. By using descriptive statistics, we can present the main features of these data sets in a more intuitive way to our audience.

Latest Updates

City & Town Council Salary and Fringe Benefits Survey – FY 2014

Salary and fringe benefit survey of city & town council presidents and council members. Includes data on annual contributions, health insurance buybacks and premium waivers.

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Muni–news April 2014

Planning for new pension accounting standards. Two accounting pronouncements issued by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) - Statements No. 67 and 68 - will have a significant impact on government financial statements beginning in fiscal 2014.

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Fire Districts Survey – 2013

A comprehensive examination of the delivery of fire services funded through tax levies in 11 Rhode Island municipalities. The report also includes a brief history of the creation of fire districts in the state of Rhode Island.

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